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  • Latest version: 1.2.1
  • Price: Free
  • SHA-256: d40d3cf1947351ab2615ebd44fbb1ae43b8e59be1595471376fba828d4c669c5

Simple Wp Sitemap is a WordPress sitemap plugin that generates both an xml and an html sitemap dynamically. These two are updated automatically every time someone's visiting them. Meaning they will always be up to date and just work without you ever having to do anything (except activate the plugin). Reason the sitemaps are generated dynamically instead of being created as actual files is because it's much more solid. No more problems with having to access, create or delete files. Instead they're just presented when needed to.

Both sitemaps are multisite and multilanguage compatible. Every site gets their own sitemap, and all multilanguage urls are included in them. The sitemaps are also mobile friendly and works well with caching plugins!

The plugin works automatically on Apache servers, but it's also possible to get Simple Wp Sitemap working on Nginx.

What a sitemap is

A sitemap is a list of a websites pages and works pretty much like a map. It's a good thing to have for both search engines that wants to be able to find all relevant pages and index them, and for users who might have a hard time navigating a site. When users can't find what they're looking for they get irritated, and nobody wants that. Having a sitemap available is a way to make it easy for them.

Just think about pirates in the old days who would navigate the seas around the world and raid merchants. It would be pretty hard for them to do this without a real map and compass to find out where all continents, islands and cities were. This is just what a sitemap is, a map. In reality it's actually just a page with links to all posts and pages a site has. Easily to be discovered by those who wants (even by pirates should be noted).


When Simple Wp Sitemap was just launched it created normal static files. For some sites this could probably have worked alright. But then something happened, for some reason it got a couple downloads and some WordPress users started to notice errors. This was because WordPress itself is very dynamic and shoveling in static creation of files in the process just didn't seem to go along so well.

One day I decided that's it! No more static files and did a total makeover of the plugin. This was the best thing that could ever have happened to it, and it now works alright. Making both web crawlers, site owners and users happy!

Learn more and download

The plugin is open source and is available for free for everyone who uses WordPress as their platform. Download link, change logs, screenshots and reviews etc can be found at: